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Top quality second hand saddles at Equitack

After the horse, the saddle is the most important investment you will make as a rider. A saddle is an expensive investment, but a saddle of good quality will last for many years. At Equitack find used saddles for sale of good quality.

The way to find saddle

It is indeed sometimes difficult to find a good saddle of horse: between the cheap saddle sufficient for an occasional use and the saddle of superior quality for a more need, there is always a good deal to be found among the advertisements of saddles of horse. The ads will be classified by type of saddle: saddle of obstable / jumping, saddle of dressage, mixed saddle, saddle western, saddle for the cross, saddle for endurance, saddle of rando, saddle of amazone, saddle of pony, race saddle ... in short, there are as many types of saddle as passions through riding. But at Equitack you can get the right seat you need.

Tips to recognize a saddle of superior quality

Name or brand: Examine the saddle closely for the brand or brand name of the manufacturer. The mark must be engraved in the leather or on a small metal plate attached to the saddle. Locate the serial number, if possible. The serial number will be located under the skirts or in the same place as the brand name. Look for the saddle using the name of the manufacturer and the serial number to determine the retail value and the general resale value. Cheap, low quality saddles will have new low prices and very little value as used items, while good quality saddles are selling at higher prices, both new and used. You will find at Equitack quality saddles that will suit you perfectly.

So, for your equestrian equipment needs, the only place that could be right for you is Equitack, the first-class used saddle suppliers.

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