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A little riders guide on saddles

It's not simple to purchase a saddle-horses have enormous choice of saddles and it can be confusing too. So take a little time to consider precisely what you want before you purchase a fresh saddle. In the end, you don't understand if it's the one until you actually go into the saddle, but we do have helpful advices here that should lead you on the correct route to your full saddle. We highly suggest, before you proceed, that you now set your budget and then adhere to it–it's so simple to take it back and end up spending far more than you want. Budget decided, and then you have to decide what saddle you want. Here's a round of everything there is.

Dressage saddle

The saddle flap is long and straighter, which encourages you to run with lengthy legs and helps you retain the right stance. There is the possibility of getting big fixed knee blocks to lower mobile blocks so that the most convenient position is available to you. The circular straps are long, so that you have a nearer leg and a brief circle is used to remove the bulk under your leg, so that you do not have a buckle under your arm.

Jump saddle

These are further cut out to enable you to run with shorter stems. They will usually be placed with knee and thigh blocks to keep you safe and backed when you jump. They often get a flat seat so that if you are cross-country riding you will have some more liberty.

Showing Saddle

These are to complement the shape of your horse. They are straight and fundamental in design, allowing complete liberty and showing your horse at its finest.

General purpose saddle

The general aim is intended for you, from hacking to jumping, to do most disciplines. Most leisure riders will go for this choice, but if you frequently compete, you could better look at a particular discipline saddle to provide assistance and safety. Do not hesitate to visit equitackto purchase saddles be it used or new.

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